We’re Your Go-To for Premium-Quality, Exclusive Brands and Extraordinary Service!

We are on a mission to be the supreme  online store for everyone looking for exclusive brands, top quality baby essentials and toys. By handpicking our ranges, only stocking brands of exceptional quality and offering them at reasonable prices we provide South Africa with the ultimate alternative to the mass produced, low quality products  that flood the market. 

SugarDots is the Exclusive Distributor of the brands we stock, and proudly supply independent gift and toy stores with first class baby essentials, kids toys and lifestyle products. 

How it all started…..

Once upon a time (13 years ago…) 2 friends Jodi and Natalie became moms at around the same time. After searching unsuccessfully for good quality Muslin Blankets for our babies, we decided to source our own and SugarDots was born!

Our range has grown over the years and has been meticulously curated, with only the finest top-quality brands added to our collection. We take pride in offering a selection of products that cater for all ages and occasions. We are the ideal choice for everything from baby essentials at stork teas, all the way to adult scooters for the ultimate “cool dad” gift!

Today SugarDots is run by me, Jodi who continues the mission! 

How we pick our brands….

Research! We hunt high and low, do all the research and then make sure we can answer “For Sure!” to the following questions:

Is each product….

  1. …. something I would buy for my own children
  2. …..produced with a focus on sustainability
  3. …..high quality and super durable
  4. …..something that encourages development in a child.

Our premium brands include:

Toy safety testing requirements in South Africa are not nearly as stringent as Europe and America. All our products conform to international safety testing which means when you buy a product from SugarDots you can be sure that there is no risk to your child. 

When you buy from us, you buy the best!