GEOSPACE International was founded in 1985 by a young mom with a single unique product: Geospace MAGNETIC MARBLES. They quickly expanded the line of magnetic toys to include games, a line of Active Play & Sports toys, including WalkarooT Stilts, JumparooT & JackHammerT Pogo Sticks, Water toys and Outdoor Games.

They continue to add exciting new products to their extensive Pump RocketT line of air-powered foam Flying Toys (including original Pump Rocket, JR and Mini sizes, Aqua styles, Slap RocketsT, Planes, plus several varieties sizes of JUMP ROCKETS, and more).

Jump it UP!...Thump it UP! ...WAY UP! How far? How about the height of a 15-story building!

Simply slide the safe, foam JUMP ROCKETT onto its launching pad, step on the hemisphere-shaped air pump, and watch it blast off!

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